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Microsoft Dinosaurs

!±8± Microsoft Dinosaurs

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Come face to face with the incredible creatures that once ruled the earth. This is eye-opening education and awesome entertainment at its award-winning, interactive best. Go your own way, or take a guided tour with noted dinosaur expert "Dino Don" Lessem. You'll see the Dinosaur Olympics, Dinosaur Fashion Show, and more. The past comes to life in the dinosaur movies, with clips from the PBS series "The Dinosaurs!".Grab your jungle gear, put on your pith helmet, and brace yourself as you hear dinosaurs growl and eat, then see them loom close through full-color, detailed illustrations.Where did the Herrerasaurus live? What did the Lesothosaurus eat? How do you pronounce Piatnitzkysaurus? No question goes unanswered, no fossil unexamined, as you dig up long-buried information about these prehistoric creatures.Experience prehistoric earth and learn what it was really like to be a dinosaur-their lives, habits, and habitats. Ponder how dinosaurs may have become extinct, see how we uncover their bones today, have confidence that this is the most up-to-date and accurate information now available.

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